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February 21, 2010

Year of the Tiger

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Chris and his first basket

Chris finishes his first basket

I would have some fabulous pictures to post if only I could remember to take my camera out and about with me.

On Tuesday some strange people came to play badminton. It was the Chinese New Year so a family arrived suitably adorned.  One was in a beautiful Chinese dress and plastered with copious make-up, and that was the father!

Friday’s folk dancing was also a bit surreal as I couldn’t persuade anyone that the Hornpipe is not a Scottish country dance! But hey, who cares!

We made great progress in basket weaving and one day I will show a photo of my basket. A bit lopsided perhaps but almost recognisable.

And I could have shown some great pictures of the change in weather this week. On Tuesday we couldn’t get out because of the snow. Wednesday it rained and the roads turned into a skating rink. But how quickly the snow disappeared! Within hours snow that had lain for a week had gone.  And Thursday was like Spring. The little daffodils, undeterred by being buried under the snow, are now blooming in the sunshine.

The vineyard owner has invited us to join the grape picking team for next September’s vendange. The bad news is that we have to help pick 40 tons of grapes in a week. The good news is that each day the pickers are treated to a huge lunch at the best restaurant in the area.

February 14, 2010

Introducing Bourvil

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Compagnie BAM

We’ve had snow again this week, enough to keep us at home for a few days. The local farmer was very busy yesterday dragging hapless visitors out of the ditches. But despite the snowy roads there was a huge turnout for this week’s entertainment at the Foyer Rural.

It was “Parce que Bourvil” performed by the Compagnie  BAM, a very lively young trio. We had never heard of Bourvil so we were pleased to be introduced to a little bit more French culture. Bourvil was a very popular singer and actor who performed  from the early 1940s until his death in 1970. His songs and sketches involve a very clever play on words. Unfortunately we are not yet able to appreciate such subtleties but we applauded the obvious talents of the performers.

Also we applaud the members of the Foyer Ruraux of our group of villages for staging such excellent entertainment.

February 7, 2010

Baskets – Part 2

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Basket Making at the Foyer Rural

Basket weaving is not as easy as it looks. I now look at baskets with new eyes and admire anyone who can make one. As you may gather, I am at the bottom of the class. We have the next week off as there is a theatrical do in the hall this Saturday so Chris and I have brought our baskets home to try and make a bit of progress. Mine wasn’t as far advanced as Chris’s but he had to go back to square one as he put the handle in upside down . It’s a bit as I remember knitting. Do a bit and then go wrong and take it apart again. I don’t think I will be out selling baskets to the tourists this summer!

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