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August 15, 2010

Le Marché de Potier

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The Potters' Market at Cluny

The Potters' Market at Cluny

There was an excellent potters’ market this weekend in Cluny. There were fifty stands with artists from all over France exhibiting wonderful pieces that were useful or quirky but always beautifully made.

August 13, 2010


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Forum71:  http://www.sudbourgogne.eu/forum71/index.php

Uncle Claude busy on the forum

Uncle Claude busy on the forum

In an idle moment last week Chris and I decided we needed a forum for this part of southern Burgundy. It’s not only for the friends and neighbours who live here but for francophiles everywhere who are interested in visiting this region or just want to know what life here is like.

As it has been up and running for only a day or so I find I am mostly talking to myself.  I do hope some of you folk will join in and get this forum off the ground. You never know, it might turn out to be interesting!

We would also encourage our French neighbours to join in; the default setting for the forum is in English but can easily be changed to French.  Once a topic is started  it must continue in the same language.

I am hoping this forum will provide a vehicle for you to publicise forthcoming events, advertise your holiday accommodation or simply just socialise. We are happy to talk about anything at all.

Please introduce yourselves and then start posting any queries, information or comments. As I said in my own introduction “We will try and steer the forum in the right direction but it is up to you to provide the pedal power”.

August 10, 2010

The Cavalcade des Peuples…

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The Cavalcade des Peuples

The Cavalcade des Peuples

was an excellent show of horsemanship performed by the riders of the Haras in Cluny. It took us round the world in 90 minutes, from Spain to Argentina, Japan to England and Ireland. The girls went through their very brave routines on the most beautiful horses. Their speciality is handling the horses without saddles and bridles, and also riding with two horses, a foot on each. The horses are so biddable and never put a foot wrong. I wished I could show more photos but they were always galloping around too fast.

We regretted not having the meal while watching the show. It looked absolutely delicious. Note to self: from now on take the meal option. The cuisine in Burgundy is the best.

August 8, 2010

Jousting on punts – it can only happen in France

The punts engage

The punts engage

This weekend saw the annual jousting competition. It was held on a purpose built lake by the River Grosne on the outskirts of Cluny. It’s a new sport to me and I was amazed to find not only that there were so many clubs devoted to jousting but that there would be so many affectionados that the event would take most of the weekend.

There are two motorised punts, a red one and a blue one. A team piles in and the jouster stands on the platform at the back struggling with a very unwieldy ‘lance’. The two boats pass each other at full speed and the idea is to knock the opponent off and into the water. So that the participants don’t get hurt they wear padded trousers and square cushions on their chests. It still looks quite painful though as some of the boys ended up clutching themselves with tears in their eyes.

The loser is pulled out of the water

The loser is pulled out of the water

Another event this weekend was the annual brochante at Donzy-le-Pertuis. Donzy nestles on the other side of the hill from us and is as pretty as a postcard. It seemed as if the whole village took part to make it a huge success. The stalls meandered through the streets and there was an excellent buvette. There was lots of very interesting items to look at and this time the prices weren’t quite so silly. We were pleased to add a nice mountain bike to our motley collection.  Well done Donzy!

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