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July 21, 2012

Back in Action

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I’ve just realised it’s a whole month since I last blogged. I’ll explain why.

At the end of June we were without the internet. It isn’t unusual to lose the internet here especially during stormy weather. Annoyingly it was on and off for several days before we lost it altogether. The fault wasn’t at our end as Chris checked and rechecked. So with the help of our neighbours we tried to phone the internet company. Of course it’s impossible to speak to a human and you just go round in circles. Eventually Chris managed to send a report while piggybacking on our neighbours’ internet.   Miraculously a few days later a France Telecom cherrypicker arrived to mend the line and voila!

 At the beginning of July our two grand-daughters arrived from Glasgow. As they sleep in the same room as my computer I didn’t manage to use it more than a few minutes at a time.

We had a lovely holiday with Maggie & Jo. The village comes alive with all the  grandchildren who arrive in the village to stay with their mamies and papis during July.  Strangely enough around here they are all girls.

Here are a few photos of ours.

They spent a night camping at Cluny which is next door to the open air swimming pool. The girls love playing in the water. Here’s Jo emerging in her swimming outfit.

Jo in her swimming outfit

All kids love to play in the water

At the lake at St Point Grandpa rowed us around in a rubber dinghy.

Boating at St Point

 The  new adventure playground at Ameugny was a great success.  We have got to know every playpark in the area. Here is Jo in Cluny.

Jo at the playpark in Cluny

 The girls enjoyed riding the ponies..

The girls loved the Duchesse and Banjo

…and we had a trip along the voie verte.

A tow along the voie verte

At home we made biscuits and they turned out to be edible!

Rolling out biscuits

Maggie helped Grandpa dig up the potatoes and had fun with Jo digging up the rest of the garden!

It's such fun to make a mess!

 Maggie helped Grandpa with his railway.

Maggie helping Grandpa with the railway

Needless to say we collapsed at the end of the day. Peace at last!

A book before bedtime

A book before bedtime?

 It won’t be too long before I see them again as I am going to Glasgow in September to look after them while their mum is away.


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