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January 14, 2014

Preparation and Planning

Two big yearly events are coming up in Cortambert. First is the very popular Loto Gourmand with its multitude of prizes of jambon sec, local wine & crémant, pâté & preserve. All beautifully presented in baskets that the vannerie and handicrafts group make. In the past we’ve decorated wooden boxes or made baskets of rotin.

Basketmaking on a Saturday afternoon

This year we are recycling some of the publicity from the supermarkets which is put through the letterbox each week. The glossy pages of the catalogues are cut up into12.5cm x 5cm pieces. Pascale’s mum folds hundreds of these ready for us to slot together and build up in layers on a cardboard base to make a basket. It’s easy and very effective.

Making baskets for this year's Loto

Making baskets for this year's Loto


An event a little way off is the Randonnée des Roses which will be on June 1st . Chris has devised five routes varying in length from 7km to 25km. This year we head towards Blanot and then on to Mont St Romain for the longer circuits. During the last few weeks Chris & I have walked many times up Mont St Romain to make sure all the paths are navigable and enjoyable, and to work out where best to put the revitaillements.

Chris logging paths through the forest at Mont St Romain

Nobody will go hungry or thirsty. Refreshments are available to walkers in the Foyer Rural before they set off and when they return. In addition all the routes pass by the point d’eau in Blanot which this year will provide snacks as well as drinks. In addition the 17km/25km walkers have a refreshment stop at Mont St Romain and the 25km walkers an additional one at the Bois du Curé.

Many of us from Cortambert will not have a chance to go walking as we will be too busy with registration and catering. So in the months up to June Chris hopes to be able to cover the 25km route in stages during our Sunday morning outings.

Next Sunday walk 19th January, 9h30, meeting at the Foyer Rural in Cortambert or Bray at 9h45.  7.3km around Chaseux.

Loto Gourmand 9th March at 14h at the Foyer Rural Cortambert

Randonnée des Roses June 1st starting in Cortambert

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