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October 25, 2016

Cortambert vs Tramayes

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We played Tramayes at badminton two years ago and were absolutely slaughtered. But last night I think we had our eye in and held our own. Our team comprised Pascale and Marie Antoinette, Eloise and Thomas (les jeunes sportifs) and Chris and me. Jean was injured but came to give us much needed moral support.

Last night’s players

Marie Antoinette demonstrating the results of a misspent youth

We shared a snack afterwards

Many thanks to Tramayes for their warm welcome and endless patience with the Cortambert numpties who weren’t used to lines, rules and scoring.  We’ll look forward to a return match.

October 18, 2016

The Trail du Mont Saint-Romain – March 2017

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Mont Saint-Romain

Preparations are in full swing for a new event to be held on 19th March 2017. It’s a running race organised by the foyer rural of Cortambert with the neighbouring communes of Bray, Blanot & Chissey (BBC) and Donzy le Pertuis (les Amis Donzyrons).

The Trail du Mont Saint-Romain offers a choice of three circuits of 11km, 17km and 29km, all beginning in Cortambert. The 29 km circuit will pass through all five communes to ascend Mont Saint-Romain, with an overall climb of 1,000m.

Climbing Mont Saint-Romain – it’s steeper than it looks on the photo!

Chris is on the organising committee and this afternoon we went to try out the part of the 29km circuit that ascends Mont Saint-Romain. Chris had used this path on a previous randonnée but he wanted to make sure it was still passable. It’s a lovely path between the trees but very steep and stony. It will sort the men out from the boys and we expect no complaints that the routes are too easy.


A tree has fallen over the path

We found only a few places impeded by brambles, but this tree had fallen right over the path. Chris will head up in the spring with his chainsaw and clear it out of the way. Otherwise the path was clear. In March the trees will be bare of leaves affording good views of the countryside.

From the top of Mont Saint-Romain

Further information is on the site trail-mont-saint-romain.fr along with the logos of the sponsors. It is hoped that at least 200 runners will subscribe, which should make for a spectacular start from Cortambert. Volunteers will be required to serve the refreshments and marshall the courses.When the runners return to Cortambert there will be a meal ready for them of soupe paysanne, local cheeses and desserts régionaux.

So get ready for a 10 o’clock start on Sunday 19th March. If you can’t run there are plenty of other ways you can take part. Help make this new venture a success!

October 9, 2016

Remembering Mitterrand

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We enjoyed our first Sunday morning walk of the autumn. Starting at Berzé we did an easy 7km circuit. Unfortunately the sun did not break through the low cloud in time to see the magificent views of Solutré and Vergisson.


Here we are with Solutré and Vergisson in the background obscured by low cloud

We saw lots of photos of Solutré this week when we went to an exhibition in Cluny to celebrate the 100th birthday of François Mitterrand. He was in the resistance during the war and took refuge in Cluny where he met his future wife Danièle. After the war, in 1946, his brother-in-law Roger Gouze with members of the resistance took him up Solutré where he vowed that every year he would return. After Mitterrand became president it became a media event so there are plenty of photos with him with his dog Baltique and various members of the government.

Mitterrand at the summit of Solutré

It was a surprise to see further photos of Mitterrand in Cormatin with the Soviet president Mikhail Gorbachev. They visited Cormatin chateau where they sat together on a bench in the garden and Mitterrand admired the roses. So next time you visit the Chateau have a look around. There’s no saying who you might see.

October 4, 2016

La Fête de la Pomme 2016

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We are fortunate enough to belong to La Forêt Fruitière, an association concerned with the promotion and propagation of the old varieties of apples and pears. This weekend we helped with their annual Fête de la Pomme which was held at Les Griottons in Cluny. Our forte is making pasturised apple juice and the team produced about 500 litre bottles of it over the weekend. Another team were making the fresh apple juice that has to be used within three days. The pasturised keeps for a year.

Here are a few photos of us at work -

Note the stack of crates filled with apples at the back

Pressing the fresh juice

Chris is pressing apples for the pasturised juice

Jean is bottling the juice after it has been heated

Remo is screwing on the tops

There were experts available who could identify different varieties of apple and we took the opportunity to show them an apple from our own tree. We had bought the tree from Lidl and it had been labelled ‘pomme rouge’. Although it is not yet much bigger than waist high it has produced 8 delicious shiny red apples. It turned out to be a Calville Rouge, quite a modern variety.

A lovely crop of apples chez nous

There was also a good trade in freshly made boudin noir aux pommes and a team were turning out apple tarts by the dozen.

There were pony rides

and more 2CVs than I have ever seen in my life

A group of our friends from Country Dreams were showing off their routines most of the afternoon. We only started line dancing this year but who knows, next year it might be us up on that stage, yeehaw!

Country Dreams

It was lots of fun and a terrific weekend. The next event for La Forêt Fruitière will be La Bourse aux Greffons the first weekend in March.

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