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April 26, 2017

Remember when it used to be sunny?

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This is only our second cold grey rainy day and after weeks of dry weather we welcome the downpour. But it is surprising how quickly you begin to think you might never see the sun again. So I’ve just been looking through some photos taken in sunnier times.

In March I arrived to find snow in Glasgow but, although it was never warm, the following sunny weather meant that I was able to enjoy some interesting trips out with Maggie and Jo. The first weekend we visited friends who live in an idyllic spot on Loch Long, not too far from Faslane, the Scottish naval base, home of the Trident missile and the nuclear submarines.


The shore at Cove

The children spent the evening fishing in the rockpools

We had picnics, this one at the Kelpies near Falkirk

where, as usual, there were plenty of opportunities to get cold and wet

People from the old folks’ home wrapped up and taken for an afternoon out

Another day we went to see the Falkirk Wheel which links the Forth & Clyde Canal to the Union Canal

It’s the only rotating boat lift in the world.

The Falkirk Wheel replaced 11 locks; the difference in height between the two canals is 35m.

This weekend Cluny hosted the 10th Grand National. It was the 2nd stage of 11 competitions held in venues throughout France. Although cold the weekend was sunny, perfect weather for competitors and spectators.

The Grand Prix on Sunday

The jumps were huge

All the more impressive as you can stand so close

I make no excuses for such a long blog, seeing it is ages since I have written anything. Moreover this is my 500th blog. Never did I think when I started I would manage 500. I will deserve my glass of wine tonight.

April 9, 2017

Summer’s Arrived!

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I arrived in Glasgow three weeks ago to snow and such an icy wind that I wondered how on earth it could be that cold in March. The following week wasn’t so bad, still with a cold wind but some sunshine made it seem warmer. On our outings the children, oblivious to the cold, stripped off to play in teeshirts, and usually ended up soaking wet, while I was wrapped up in everything I could find including the picnic blanket.

I returned this week to lovely weather. It’s amazing what a few days of warmth and sunshine can do. While I was gone the trees performed their annual miracle and turned green, the cherry blossom came and went, and there are masses of tulips which were barely out of the ground when I left.


Daffs and tulips in the garden


We enjoyed the fine weather for our walk this morning, through Toury and returning through the woods on the Faitral before descending to Cortambert.


Our group this morning by the vineyards above Bray…

returning by the Faitral

We have enjoyed our weekend of summer, the first of many I hope.

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