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December 26, 2017

Boxing Day Walk

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It’s always been our custom to go out for a decent walk on Boxing Day afternoon. Yes, I know we don’t have Boxing Day in France but old habits die hard.

We’d seen a lake on the map, not far away. Being in search of places to take the grandchildren in the summer holidays we thought we’d take a look. From Cluny we took the Monceau road to Le Rousset. We soon found the lake, bordered on one side by a forest of Douglas firs.

Disappointingly it’s just a fishing lake, no swimming and no boating, but it was pleasant enough to wander round.

On leaving Le Rousset we called at the Chapelle de Saint-Quentin.

This little 12th century church is dedicated to St Quentin, a Roman who came to France to preach Christianity. In 287, as a result of the religious persecutions by Emperor Maximian, he was tortured, executed and beheaded. His burial place, in what was to later be renamed Saint-Quentin in northern France, became a site of miracles.

The interior of the chapel with a statuette of St Quentin

It’s interesting that the chapel is built on a high rocky plateau and is surrounded on all sides by giant round boulders.

On turning for home we took a turn around La Guiche as we nearly bought a house there once. Nowadays La Guiche seems very foreign with its steep Dutch roofs and square stone towers. Now that our world is the Cluny/Cortambert/Cormatin triangle we find we don’t have to go far to feel we are in a different land. A deserted land as we hardly saw a soul all afternoon.

December 17, 2017

Nearly Christmas

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A few photos from the penultimate weekend before Christmas.

On Friday there was a good turnout for the Christmas line dance at Bussières……


Francine, Marie-Claude, Christiane, Sami and Jean-Paul looking festive…


and we two

Yesterday the local communes put on a treat for the children at the foyer rural in Cortambert.  Holà, l’eau là performed by Estelle Bernigal captivated young and old alike.

A packed hall enjoyed….

Estelle Bernigal doing all sorts of things with water

and the kids tucked into brioche and mandarins afterwards.

Being the third Sunday of the month we went walking this morning. It was rather cold and trying to snow so it was only the brave that turned out. We enjoyed a circuit through the vineyards and called in by Ruth & Joe’s to look at the creche. You don’t see many nativity scenes in France as cribs supposedly breach France’s strict 1905 laïcité law on the separation of church and state. They are not allowed in public buildings if they are for religious reasons. A rival of Macron, president of the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, was heavily criticised last year for putting one in his office hallway. This year the nativity scene is back, now in the guise of a cultural exhibit to celebrate the art of making santons, the traditional hand-coloured terracotta crib figurines.

Marie Antoinette, Sophie and Chris in Toury

The walk was useful in that we noted where we could get mistletoe. It’s on practically every tree but often it is too high and out of reach. The French don’t decorate with mistletoe at Christmas but gather it for New Year.

Mistletoe grows on most old trees

We won’t get a white Christmas this year. It’ll be quite mild with rainy intervals but hopefully we’ll get out for the traditional walk after dinner…

December 9, 2017

Fête des Lumières in Cluny

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Last night, despite the cold weather, there was a good turnout of families to see this year’s lights in Cluny. Thankfully the events were not so drawn out nor so weird as usual. The Ombres Blanches, four ladies on stilts in beautiful floaty costumes led the procession through the town to the market place.

One of the shop fronts on the main street

In front of the Abbey we gathered to watch a lively performance of fire dancing and pyrotechnics with Lughna by Cie l’Arche en sel.

Don’t try this at home

After another wander round town we returned to find the Abbey open, and the four ombres blanches were leading a procession round the cloisters. Following behind was the semeur d’étoiles, alias Gérard Thélier, our resident historian.

The ombres blanches in the Abbey

Le semeur d’étoiles

It was nice to see the children so enthralled. The evening was cut short as the horse spectacular was cancelled. Just as well as the snow had begun to fall and it was nice to get home to a warm fire.

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