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December 21, 2012

The End of the World?

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I wasn’t going to write a blog today in case it all came to pass and I needn’t have bothered. Like this remark I read in The Guardian The aptly named The World’s End pub in Leeds said it had not made any special plans to mark the event. A member of staff said: “There wouldn’t be much point if the world was going to end.”

Today's special

But I was amused to see in Carrefour today that there was End of the World wine to share with friends for a kind of last supper. So at least we knew that the world wasn’t going to end until after dinner. Never one to miss a bargain we bought a bottle to amuse our friends. However if I really thought the world was coming to an end I would have bought something more expensive than 2€90 !

Wine to celebrate the end of the world


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