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May 14, 2017

Flashmob in Azé

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The market place in Azé. The cedar of Lebanon was planted in 1821 and is now a national monument


There was a surprise event in the market in Azé this morning, a flashmob choir by Cant’Azé. Anne bravely started off and, shopping baskets in hand, the other members of the choir wandered in to add their voices. They were soon joined by their choir master David Aubret on the accordion. Here’s a part of it on video -


David Aubret leads the choir…


and here are some of the ladies

Then suddenly the market was back to normal

Cant’Azé have gone from strength to strength with David, who unfortunately will be leaving them soon. The choir’s future is in doubt unless they can find a replacement for him.

Another chance to see David Aubret perform on the accordion will be on Sunday May 28th. See the information on www.clunisois.fr/agenda/evenement/concert-du-vent-dans-les-cordes



July 18, 2014

Swimming In Azé

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It’s terribly hot and our swimming pool is still a work in progress. So we thought we would go and try out the swimming pool next to the caves in Azé. It only reopened on Tuesday after being closed for two years. The renovation work took four and a half months and cost half a million euros.

To be honest I wasn’t impressed. The was just one lady on the desk at the entrance and she took an age to issue tickets while we stood in the heat.  Once in we found only three changing rooms, through which you pass to get to the pool (although we found afterwards that if you are already changed you can pass through a gate which bypasses the showers and the footbath!)

The swimming pool at Azé

There’s no indication how deep the pool is and I was well out of my depth at both ends. You can lie out to dry on the paving alongside the pool but unfortunately it slopes down from the edge of the pool and everytime anyone gets out the water runs off them to be mopped up by your towel.  There is not a scrap of shade and you soon start feeling like a well grilled steak.

The good thing is that everything is nice and clean and the water is not too cold.  It’s in a lovely setting surrounded by woods.  Above all the kids are great,  having lots of fun but not causing any bother.  And there are a couple of beefy lifeguards. What more could you want?

June 17, 2014

A Journey with Cant’Azé

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Chorale Cant’Azé

This weekend saw a very successful series of three concerts to mark the end of the year for our local choir, Cant’Azé. It was held in the beautiful church at Azé, originally Romanesque but modified in the 19th century.


Cant'Azé under the direction of Jacqueline Delaigue

A  great deal of play acting was involved as we were taken away on a tour of many different countries from Russia to Brazil, Quebec to Spain. Well done that man who donned a fur hat and coat on a hot afternoon and confidently delivered his lines in Russian. And well done to Isabelle who dressed up as a Brazilian footballer.

Coached by Jacqueline Delaigue and accompanied by Pierre Antoine Pehu, the choir goes from strength to strength. They can produce some lovely harmonies. The only criticism I have is that they are allowed to look at the music. From past experience I know how quickly you learn your part if you can’t hide behind a book.


An enjoyable way to meet the choir

After the concert we were invited to the hall for wine and refreshments. On Sunday it was the turn of the men of the choir to do the catering. They produced some excellent quiches and cakes and a good time was had by all.

June 16, 2013

A triumph for Cant’Azé

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 Another country, another piper….

Piper at Azé church

We were piped in to Azé church this afternoon for the third concert of the weekend given by Cant’Azé to mark the end of the singing year and to celebrate 30 years of the choir.

The men of the choir

The men of the choir

We enjoyed a selection of well-loved songs from the world of theatre and film. The men started with a song from Les demoiselles de Rochefort.

The talented twins

Appropriately the twins from the trio Les Crescendis continued with Nous sommes les soeurs jumelles. The third member of the Crescendis gave a wonderful rendition of La complainte de la serveuse automate from Starmania, a song about the dreams of a waitress.

Cant'Azé in concert

Cant'Azé in concert

There is one song in particular I did not know. It is this beautiful song from Les Mis. Apparently it is not in the English version but is sang instead of On my own by Eponine in the French version. It has the most beautiful lyrics

Ils descendent des nuages
rayonnants de mystère
pour faire un long voyage
d’amour sur cette terre

You can watch Cant’Azé sing  L’un vers l’autre  here.

The leader of the choir, Jacqueling Delaigue, will retire next year and we are hoping that a successor will be found to continue her work.

Jacqueline Delaigue conducts the choir

Jacqueline Delaigue conducts the choir

Afterwards there was a wonderful spread in the Salle des Fêtes where we met and talked with the choir. This evening it was the turn of the men to do the catering. By the way, I asked the piper where he came from. It was the Brest region. A Breton piper.

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