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June 15, 2017

Preparations and Répétitions

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There’s lots going on in June with shared meals to finish off the year’s courses and next week’s midsummer celebrations. We finish our first year of line dancing with a performance during Wednesday evening’s Fête de la Musique in Cluny. Hopefully with all the rehearsing we are doing nobody will put a foot wrong.

Christiane, left, putting us through our paces for the Fête de la Musique

Before that comes another midsummer event, the Feux de la St Jean. The men were out yesterday building the bonfire.  On Friday morning they will be building the stage for the band, and Saturday will involve putting up the barnum and catering.

Here are some photos Chris took yesterday -

A bit of mechanical help this year

This photo reminds us if “Raising the Flag on Iwo Jima”

With the cock perched on top the team is ready for their picnic lunch

There’s another big event the following weekend of 23rd, 24th & 25th June. The Cant’Azé choir present their end of year concert, “La Magie des Chansons”. It will be the last time to hear the choir under the direction of David Aubrec. It’s at Azé church and everyone is invited for aperos afterwards.

Hopefully the fine weather will continue for all the outdoor events and we don’t get too many thunderstorms. Perhaps we will be dancing in the rain!

May 14, 2017

Flashmob in Azé

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The market place in Azé. The cedar of Lebanon was planted in 1821 and is now a national monument


There was a surprise event in the market in Azé this morning, a flashmob choir by Cant’Azé. Anne bravely started off and, shopping baskets in hand, the other members of the choir wandered in to add their voices. They were soon joined by their choir master David Aubret on the accordion. Here’s a part of it on video -


David Aubret leads the choir…


and here are some of the ladies

Then suddenly the market was back to normal

Cant’Azé have gone from strength to strength with David, who unfortunately will be leaving them soon. The choir’s future is in doubt unless they can find a replacement for him.

Another chance to see David Aubret perform on the accordion will be on Sunday May 28th. See the information on www.clunisois.fr/agenda/evenement/concert-du-vent-dans-les-cordes



June 26, 2016

Cant’Azé – Chansons d’Ici et d’Ailleurs

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It was a shock to find in the early hours of Friday morning that ignorance and intolerance had overcome reason, encouraged by Boris’s lies, causing Europe to start unravelling like a poorly knitted jumper. Were Friday night’s storms of biblical proportions some sort of comment? The feelings of dismay will not disappear anytime soon but at least summer has arrived and the end is in sight for us to become French citizens.

Another consolation was the wonderful concert given by Cant’Azé  this weekend. It’s a year since David Aubret took over the direction and what a difference he has made. The choir is refreshed and full of vitality. Most of all they made the concert fun.

Cant’Azé  led by David Aubret

It was a trip round the world. Members of the audience participated by pulling out of a hat a number whose corresponding pulley revealed the flag of the country whose song would be next. The Union Jack was met by jeers of derision but despite that the choir sang Bohemian Rhapsody with gusto.


The colours of the seven countries above the choir

Pierre-Antoine Pehu played a medley of Beatles songs that brought us back to our youth, a beautiful introduction to arrangement of Yesterday that showcased the talent of the different sections of the choir. When not accompanied on the piano the choir was led by David who played the accordion or the keyboard.

Cant’Azé gets better each year. This superb concert is the result of all the work each member has put in during the year, spiced with the talent and charisma of David. Bravo!

April 30, 2016

Disaster and Triumph

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Disaster as the warehouse of our Atac supermarket in Cluny was destroyed by a fire early Thursday morning. That morning we had gone to buy petrol and were surprised to find it roped off and the fire engines there.

But triumph at La Novelline.  Luckily the Atac car park was available this morning to accommodate the people attending the inauguration of La Novelline, a new sheltered housing complex which is next door on avenue Charles-de-Gaulle.

Françoise Forge is the president of the AFTC,  the association for families of people suffering brain damage from trauma or strokes. She explained that her daughter Christelle had been injured in a car accident ten years ago and found it difficult to resume an independent life despite the support of her close family.  So it was proposed to build sheltered housing to enable five individuals to help each other and share activities while still having their own living space.

It doesn’t seem long since the foundation stone was laid and the houses went up very quickly. The first tenants, Christelle, Michel and André, moved in at the end of October 2015.

Christelle, André and Michel cut the ribbon

Françoise Forge opened the proceedings and was followed by various members of the AFTC and local government.

The dignitaries waiting to give their speeches were amused by the clowns

The proceedings were helped along (or hindered) by a band of clowns from the Petit Chêne theatre in Cluny.

Unfortunately at this point the rain started and we squeezed in together under the awnings. More hilarity when a couple of the clowns tried to squeeze in to the same raincoat.

Why won’t it do up?

After the speeches we were entertained with a rousing concert by Cant’Azé under the direction of David Aubret.


Françoise thanked the choir and invited us into the new communal centre to enjoy an apero.

Events continue tonight at Les Griottons with a concert with the Percussions de Treffort. If it is as enjoyable as this morning’s do it should be a great success.

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