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June 22, 2018

Fête de la Musique 2018

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June 21st is the date for la Fête de la Musique when every town in France resonates to the sound of bands, choirs and dancing. Our line dance club, Country Dreams, plays a part in the events staged in Cluny each year.

It felt like we had been practising for weeks so all went well except for the odd times the concentration slipped, or the feet didn’t slip, that is when they were caught by rough concrete of the Narthex. Here’s a few photos of a super evening -

We danced in the Narthex, the old foundations of the abbey

Cours 3 & 4 (photos Chris)

Christiane and Beatrice smile with relief when it’s all over!

Chris was busy with his camera when we weren’t dancing and took a couple of videos too.



If anybody near Cluny reads this please come and join us. We especially need some more men. There are lots of social occasions besides the dancing and if we can do it anybody can!


June 25, 2017

La Fête de la Musique

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The hottest day last week was probably Wednesday, on the evening we took part in the line dancing demo for the Fête de la Musique in Cluny. We were down in the Narthex, the ruins of the Abbey between the Hotel de Bourgogne and the marketplace. Despite the heat and the uneven ground we managed to put on a good show, thanks to Christiane’s training and the enthusiastic encouragement of the spectators.


In the wonderful setting of the Abbey ruins

Classes 2, 3 and 4 of Country Dreams Cluny

Yours truly feeling rather hot

Being in the beginners’ class we didn’t take part in the more advanced dances in the middle so Chris had plenty of time to take some photos. And here’s a couple of videos, the first three dances on   https://youtu.be/tHvZQdrxveM and  ’Gypsy Queen’ on  https://youtu.be/lvly7p3pNXY  Next year we hope to join Class 2. Yee-haw!

December 18, 2016

Scuffs, stomps and cowboy boots

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Our latest craze is line dancing! We’ve joined Country Dreams, an incredibly friendly bunch of people. We’ve been three times this week, to the usual débutants class, to the end of term party and on Friday night to the Christmas Ball at Bussières.


At the Christmas Ball

Our lovely teachers Marie Claude (front) and Christiane (behind) with rabbit ears

And yours truly

Line dancing’s great, like gym but without the pompes. The music is lively, it’s easy to learn and you don’t need a partner. It’s a social form of exercise and a lot of fun. And it’s easy to practise at home in front of youtube videos.  The names of the dances and the steps are in English which we thought would be an advantage but we are having to adopt a French accent. In answer to a request for a dance we might call ’Little Wagon Wheel’. Comment? LITTLE WAGON WHEEL!  Ah! Leetell Vaggo Veel!

You would think from the all the cowboy boots and stetsons that line dancing started in the wild west but it is quite a recent thing. The madison started us off in the 1960s and films like Grease have a lot to answer for with dances like Go Greased Lightening from the mechanics’ scene. But the term ‘line dancing’ was not coined until the 80s with the craze for  ’Achy Breaky Heart’ and Dolly Parton songs, hence line dancing’s connection with Country & Western.

After the millenium line dancing tended to drift away from C&W with new dances choreographed for pop or classical music. I love the ones with Irish music as I always feel I’m in Riverdance! But France, with its love of all things American, still keeps very much to the western tradition and the cowboy boots.

Meanwhile the new line dances become faster and more complicated. The early dances seem so easy. We are still at the novice stage but, you never know, one day we will be up on the stage making an exhibition of ourselves at the music festival or the apple fair. Yee-haw!




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