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December 26, 2017

Boxing Day Walk

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It’s always been our custom to go out for a decent walk on Boxing Day afternoon. Yes, I know we don’t have Boxing Day in France but old habits die hard.

We’d seen a lake on the map, not far away. Being in search of places to take the grandchildren in the summer holidays we thought we’d take a look. From Cluny we took the Monceau road to Le Rousset. We soon found the lake, bordered on one side by a forest of Douglas firs.

Disappointingly it’s just a fishing lake, no swimming and no boating, but it was pleasant enough to wander round.

On leaving Le Rousset we called at the Chapelle de Saint-Quentin.

This little 12th century church is dedicated to St Quentin, a Roman who came to France to preach Christianity. In 287, as a result of the religious persecutions by Emperor Maximian, he was tortured, executed and beheaded. His burial place, in what was to later be renamed Saint-Quentin in northern France, became a site of miracles.

The interior of the chapel with a statuette of St Quentin

It’s interesting that the chapel is built on a high rocky plateau and is surrounded on all sides by giant round boulders.

On turning for home we took a turn around La Guiche as we nearly bought a house there once. Nowadays La Guiche seems very foreign with its steep Dutch roofs and square stone towers. Now that our world is the Cluny/Cortambert/Cormatin triangle we find we don’t have to go far to feel we are in a different land. A deserted land as we hardly saw a soul all afternoon.

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