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April 28, 2018

Cat World

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It seems that Cluny is a good place for cat lovers as well as equestrians. At the Griottons today was a show organised by the Cat Fanciers’ Association, originally an American institution which has recently arrived in Europe. The hundred or so cats in the competitions were groomed to perfection and very much admired by the various judges. But many of them have those ugly flat faces which seem popular nowadays, or so much fur that I doubt they could live a normal life. Many of the owners had travelled from Germany and Switzerland, and the judges were from all over Europe. The judge in the photos below was an American who lives in Finland.


Examining a Cornish Rex

The proud owner of a prize winning Persian

Funnily enough we found that some cats looked just like their owners, as above. I find it a bit unnerving the way the cats did not object to being hauled out of cages and passed around by strangers. Learned helplessness?

On leaving we were given free samples of cat biscuits which were wolfed down by our cats tonight so I assume they’d like us to go back to the Griottons tomorrow and get in a supply.

Seeing those unfortunate show cats makes us appreciate our four. A trip down the road to the vet is traumatic enough never mind travelling to another country. They are spooked by anybody who isn’t us, are quite often rather dishevelled and have an ongoing battle with fleas. But at least they seem to enjoy life.


Little Smudgie

The boys, Kitten and Benedict

I wonder whether if they had more impressive names like the cats in the show they would be a bit more glamorous.  Instead of Mother perhaps Ivy Cat Nitro of Snomyst.  Benedict could be Suavere’s Dark Secret of Penobscot. (Actual names of a couple of the show cats). Or perhaps not.

January 17, 2018

Country Dreams

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This weekend it was the turn of our club, Country Dreams Cluny, to hold a line dance afternoon. It was very successful, well attended and enjoyed by all. Here are a few photos -

Annie, Marie-Claude and Nicole greet the arrivals

Max (L) with Jean-Pierre and Mano man the bar

Ready with the music

Christiane as MC

 Country Dreams ready to go

Dancing led by Country River Saône from Mâcon

Marie-Claude struts her stuff, Christiane and Cathy behind


More can be seen on Chris’s videos on https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLGNOEJEz1Z_UktnewUa3A-Bx4BYDgFmLW

Now to start practising for the next event which will be the St Patrick’s Dance at the Griottons on March 10th. All are welcome.

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