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June 5, 2018

La Randonnée des Roses 2018

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This year’s randonnée was perhaps too successful! We normally expect about 250 walkers, but more than 500 subscribed on Sunday. The weather wasn’t too bad, a little heavy perhaps but without full sun. A storm was forecast for later on in the day so the bulk of the walkers set off early.

Chris had devised the circuits of 9km, 14km, 19km and 25km.  He decided it was easier to mark them out himself than organise teams so we spent several days beforehand preparing the arrows and signs, and going round on the quad hammering them in and tying ribbon to trees along the way.



The final post to plant outside the foyer rural

We finished the marking out early before the first walkers went off. In the hall teams were busy registering, pouring coffees and setting out the refreshments.

Martine with Chantal, Sophia with little Abelia, and Marie Antoinette who were preparing to register the walkers

Claire, Simone and Pascale prepare the food and drink

David and I had dash off to the boulanger in Cluny to fetch three sacks of baguettes and we just managed to get to our point d’eau as the first of the walkers arrived. This is the first refreshment stop after about 4 km. We were stationed on the top of a steep ascent out of Varanges so everyone arrived hot and thirsty. Although we were really just a water point we also put out nibbles but didn’t reckon on the huge numbers of people passing through and soon ran out of dried fruit, biscuits, chocolate and oranges. However after another 5km there was a stop at Blanot where wine, coffee and more substantial snacks were provided.


Martine & Pierre-Jean and Martine & Guy served the refreshments in Blanot

There was a further refreshment stop in Culey, manned by Georges and Dominique for the people on the longest 25km walk.

Back at our point d’eau we were running out of water and had to phone Chris to bring some up tout de suite. He even raided our cave and found an extra 8l of Perrier. Nothing but the best for our walkers!

All the walkers passed the point d’eau

and the cattle next to us were interested to see what was going on

After the last walkers had passed through David and I packed up and went back to the foyer where we got involved in a lot of washing up (me) and serving beers (David).

When we thought everyone was back Chris and I went off in the car to fetch in the arrows around the villages and the warning signs from the roads. He left the markers in the woods until the next day when he could gather them in on the quad.

On returning to the hall we were just in time to join in the usual post event shared supper. It was good to discuss the highs and lows of the day. Generally the opinion was that the walkers really enjoyed the countryside and the circuits were challenging enough for the serious walkers and well marked. The only criticism was from the latecomers who found the refreshment tables a little bare but Pascale had catered for the usual number of people, and had not reckoned on twice as many turning up.

Well earned relaxation after a hard day

Luckily the impending storm held off until the event was finished and and all the tents and tables had been brought in. In general it couldn’t have been a better day for the Randonnée des Roses. That’s it until our next event, the soap box racing in Varanges  on Sunday 1st July.

June 5, 2017

Randonnée des Roses 2017

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We’d been worrying about the weather after last week’s storms and heavy showers but yesterday was cool with plenty of sunshine in the afternoon, soft underfoot but not muddy. The perfect day for the Cortambert randonnée.

The organisation was like a well oiled machine. Pascale has an excellent team and the many compliments of the walkers were well deserved. Chris was in charge of devising the four circuits of 8km, 13km, 17km and 24km. For everyone there was a drinks station en route and further refreshments once back at the foyer. For the longer walks there was a ravitaillement at Culey (8km) and another at Donzy (16km).

Here are a few photos of the day -

Marie Antoinette and Jean-Louis on registration

Raymond & Annie and the family picnicking at the point d’eau

At Donzy the 24km walkers enjoy a welcome rest with Georges, Claire and Dominique

Back at the foyer rural Anne Marie was recording the finish times

Patrick was pouring out the coffee and wine

Pascale was in charge of refreshments

Simone was making gaufres by the dozen

As the walkers were finishing it was time to go out to collect the direction markers

A chance to enjoy the lovely viewslooking back to Mont Saint Romain

And finally a debriefing…Burgundy style

Everybody enjoyed the randonnée, both walkers and organisers. At a total of 245 we were well pleased with the number of walkers, particularly as it is yet another long holiday weekend when people are away.

Chris has now started to prepare for the next event, the soapbox cart rally in July. Watch this space!

June 5, 2016

Randonnée des Roses – a success!

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It was a dull rainy start to the day and early on we were a little dismayed to see so few people arriving to register. But in the middle of the morning the rain cleared and it brightened up a bit, bringing out the walkers. So after a slow start we’ve done reasonably well with a turnout of over 200.

The only complaint was the mud underfoot but after a week of rain there was not a lot we could do about it. Chris did reroute one of the circuits to bypass a particularly muddy stretch above Blanot but the going was still treacherous in places. Everybody took it in good part and enjoyed stopping along the way for their refreshments and a good chat.

Here are a few photos from today -

“The mud was up to here” – Note the muddy state of the lady in pink teeshirt when she arrived at the point d’eau!

Jean, Pascale & David, the team at the point d’eau

Pierre-Jean & Martine and Guy & Martine serve at the ravaitellement  in Donzy

and at Blanot Georges and Dominique are kept busy

Back at the hall it was all systems go, first providing coffee and snacks for the people about to set off, and then welcoming them back with further refreshments. I wouldn’t think there are many villages that are so generous to their randonneurs.

Simone on gaufres with Yvette, Claire & Jean-Louis helping Pascale with the refreshments

Cortambert looks after its randonneurs very well

and if you want to know what happens to the leftovers…..

Towards the end of the day we had blue skies and sunshine, the rain was forgotten and everybody had had a good day, walkers and helpers alike. Meanwhile Chris has already begun to plan for next year….

June 4, 2016

It’s tomorrow! La Randonnée des Roses

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Preparations are in full swing for the Randonnée des Roses, the yearly walk hosted by the Cortambert foyer rural. It starts tomorrow from 8am. See the website at cortambert.eu/rando for details of the five circuits ranging from 7km to 25km. There are very generous refreshments offered at the ravitaillements at Blanot and Donzy, and plenty to eat and drink in the hall when you get back.

Chris and his quad

I’ve been out riding shotgun on the quad with Chris this morning and we’ve marked out the routes around Les Quatre Vents and Blanot. We are hoping for good weather tomorrow as there are lovely views from the tops. Through the forest it’s a bit of a quagmire in places but most of the going is good.


A bit wet in places!

After a very wet week we are hoping that people will take a chance on the weather being fine to get out for some fresh air. Meteo-France suggests a sunny morning turning to cloud in the afternoon. Better than the storms predicted by Meteociel!

So the earlier the better to set off. From 8am at the Foyer Rural at Cortambert. You will be assured of a warm welcome.

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