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May 10, 2018

Garden Makeover…

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…or how to change a patch of weeds into a Mediterranean garden in a couple of days.

I’d been unable to do anything with the patch of derelict garden near the shed for several years as Chris had always said that he was going to make himself a herb garden. Early on he had installed a water feature where water trickled out of a Greek urn. But then the project was forgotten. The garden was colonised by wild thyme, and it was a dumping ground for used compost, pots of mint and rescued lavenders. The cats shared a favourite patch where they all rolled in the dust.

Some miracle happened this week, perhaps prompted by the advent of summer. In the space of a couple of days Chris had made a gravel path that led to the deck, made a border at the back with some old wooden beams, planted some nice rocks with fossils in them, rearranged the herbs, and voilà, a Mediterranean garden.


Chris enjoying a well earned beer

While taking photos I came across this striking butterfly on the chives.

A Scarce Swallowtail butterfly. The head is on the left.

Apparently these Scarce Swallowtail butterflies are not at all scarce in Europe, although you are more likely to find them in the south of France than here. But a few occasionally go off course and foolishly drift over to Britain so that’s why the  English call them ‘Scarce’. The French call them Flambé.

So thanks to Chris we now have a corner of the garden that is both beautiful and useful. Meanwhile I’m still waiting for the predicted rain to come as I planted beans and peas in anticipation of them being watered. The forecast was for storms this week but as usual they seem to have bypassed us.


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