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October 25, 2016

Cortambert vs Tramayes

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We played Tramayes at badminton two years ago and were absolutely slaughtered. But last night I think we had our eye in and held our own. Our team comprised Pascale and Marie Antoinette, Eloise and Thomas (les jeunes sportifs) and Chris and me. Jean was injured but came to give us much needed moral support.

Last night’s players

Marie Antoinette demonstrating the results of a misspent youth

We shared a snack afterwards

Many thanks to Tramayes for their warm welcome and endless patience with the Cortambert numpties who weren’t used to lines, rules and scoring.  We’ll look forward to a return match.

June 24, 2014

Playing Away

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Obviously our prowess at badminton has spread throughout the Clunysois as we were invited yesterday for an away match at Tramayes, about 25km away, the other side of Saint Point.

Real courts with lines!

Despite the playing conditions we put up a good fight. Here we could only play two a side, not three or four. There were lines on the floor so we couldn’t just shout ‘Out!’ when we felt we should win a point. The floor was hard and we couldn’t skid around as we do on our parquet dance floor. The ceiling was too high so you couldn’t get the shuttle to bounce straight down off it.  You could only hit the shuttle once and you couldn’t let it bounce first. Quelle horreur!

The Cortambert team

We put more effort in than usual, and due to the close rainy evening we were soon dripping with sweat. At the end we were rewarded with drinks and a spread in true Burgundy style.

After the game

After the game

Thank you Tramayes! We promise to put in a bit of practice before the return match.

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