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July 22, 2013

The Cortambert Rando-Picnic

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View from the picnic spot

View from the picnic spot

In temperatures of over 30° a willing group of randonneurs set off from Cortambert to celebrate the last of this summer’s walks with a picnic. We walked 5km along the grassy tracks through the vineyards to a spot above Bray where we could eat in the shade of the pine trees and enjoy the lovely view.



In usual Burgundian style there was copious amounts of wine and lots of delicious homecooked food. It always surprises me that even in a picnic the French prefer to separate the courses, starting with aperos and then the savoury, cheese and sweet dishes, followed by coffee. Our picnic proved to be very high class as we had a satin tablecloth, silver cutlery and even a silver candleabra.


Enjoying the picnic


Denis joined us after a morning’s mountain biking -

Our own Tour de France

I opted out of the return walk, volunteering to take the van loaded with the coolboxes back to Cortambert. Chris said that despite the shade of the path along the Faitral everybody was hot and thirsty and adjourned to Sophie’s for drinks before returning home.

Thanks to everyone for a very pleasant day. Walks from Cortambert will start again in September, if possible on the third Sunday of every month.


May 8, 2013

The 8th of May

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Today was VE Day, the second of the four jours de fête in May. As it is Ascension Day tomorrow many people manage to make the whole week a holiday.


At the memorial for VE Day

At the memorial for VE Day

To commemorate VE Day the good folk of Cortambert met at the memorial for a service with the Maire and the pompiers. All were invited back to the Mairie for the vin de l’amitié and some excellent cake, the French savoury kind with ham and olives.

We didn’t stay long though as we were due at the stables at Laizé to help judge the cross country competition. The concours complet is like a three day event with showjumping, dressage and cross country.


The weather was a little unsettled, hot and sunny one minute, cloudy and humid the next with a few spots of rain inbetween. Our friend Axelle came prepared for whatever the weather might be.


Ready for the cold, the rain and the sun

Ready for the cold, the rain and the sun

We were posted to watch two obstacles. One was called the Coffin which was a jump down into a dip where there was something akin to an open grave. After this was a steep slope out with a fence at the top. The other jump was the Toboggan which was an obstacle at the top of a steep rise.


Approaching the Coffin

Approaching the Coffin

The judging was easy, the afternoon peaceful and a perfect day finished off with a meal with our pony club friends and our instructors in the clubhouse. This time not typical French food like in Lyon on Sunday but a very welcome chilli con carne!

April 26, 2013

Signs of Summer

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You feel that summer has arrived at last when you can sit out until it gets dark and you catch the odd waft of barbequed steak. And there’s the heady prospect of high days and holidays. May 1st  the Fête du Muguet, 8th May Victoire 1945,  9th  May Ascension,  19th May Pentecôte….

And the unveiling of swimming pools. Ours was aired this week and Chris very bravely took his first plunge.

And the peach blossom. And fields of dandelions with young animals enjoying their first weeks of life.


The warm weather has also brought out the lizards which sun themselves on the stones. And the snakes who entwine in a graceful pas de deux on the warm tarmac in the middle of the road. These are normally the Aesculapian snake of medical symbol fame which grow surprisingly big, up to 7 feet in length.

This Western Whip snake was on our neighbour’s wall.


You can tell a snake is harmless if it has round eyes. If it has vertical pupils it is probably an adder or viper. But first you have to get close enough to look it in the eye….

June 4, 2012

Rainy Randonnée

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What a difference a day makes! On Friday and Saturday we were marking out the circuits for the Cortambert Randonnée in blazing sunshine. On Saturday afternoon it was far too hot to be doing anything.

Marking the routes for the randonnée

Marking the routes for the randonnée


But after a terrific storm and heavy rain during the night we awoke to grey skies. Perhaps we would be lucky and the rain would hold off? Unfortunately not.  Soon after the first walkers left Cortambert the skies opened and the day became ever colder and wetter.

This chap happily walked in the rain

This little chap enjoyed his walk in the rain

And so did Joe!

And so did Joe!


A bit of rain and mud did not put off the serious walkers and runners, but the families who normally enjoy the shorter routes very sensibly did not turn out so numbers were down on last year. But those who did brave the weather enjoyed the randonnée, particularly the warm welcome at the foyer rural and the lovely food and drink that was offered at the rafraîchissement stations.

Ruth and Pascale provided welcome refreshments at the foyer rural

Ruth and Pascale ready with refreshments for the returning walkers


We are already planning a new walk for next year, the Randonnée des Roses. We’ll try and aim for some better weather too.

The roses are wonderful this year

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